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A Tolkien Bestiary

Autor: David Day, 21X27, 287 pág. Ed. Mitchell Beazley. Ilustrações lindíssimas a cores e a preto e branco.
22,5 euros+portes.
A bestiary is a book about beasts. In the Middle Ages, when the bestiary was most popular, it was the equivalent of an encyclopedia of natural history, revealing fabulous beasts and monsters to the curious.

Prehistoric Life

Autor: Mark Lambert, 22X29,5, 138 pág. Ed. Adrian Sington em exlusivo para Whsmith. Preço: 4,95 euros+portes.
No one knows for certain how the Universe and the Solar System began. Over the years many scientists have suggested theories. Today, however, we believe that the Universe began about 18,000 million years ago with an enourmous explosion, known as the Big Bang.

Illustrated Young Reader's Dictionary

Autor: John Grisewood, 12,5X19,5, Ed. Círculo de Leitores 1986, 301 pág. Preço: 3,95 euros+portes.
O Young Reader's Dictionary é um dicionário em inglês concebido a pensar no público jovem, que apresenta numa linguagem simplificada cerca de cinco mil definições em inglês.